oclansorb pic

    WHAT IS OCLANSORB? A non-toxic, non-abrasive organic blonde sphagnum peat moss harvested from the bogs of Newfoundland. A lightweight, natural hydrocarbon absorbent: more cost effective, more efficient absorbency power, and easier to use than any other products. Oclansorb is the component used in all socks, booms & kits. WHAT DOES OCLANSORB DO? Absorbs hydrocarbons […]

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Acid Buster™

DESCRIPTION Neutralizes and degreases industrial batteries to provide a safe, corrosion free productive workplace. Protects and extends the life of battery stands,  battery rollers, forklifts, and floors from corrsion damage. Minimizes safety risks by eliminating acid burns and shock to personnel. Biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-corrosiveand environmentally safe. PH color indicators enable users to monitor the acid neutralization […]

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Micro-Beast Bulk

Description MicroBeast is an odorless , butyl and corrosive free ph level 7 bioremediation surface cleaner designed to breakdown hydrocarbons. MicroBeast help to prevent slip-and-fall accidents which are 30% of all workplace accidents by removing the oily film and leaving surfaces dry and oil-free. MicroBeast significantly reduces the ability of flammable hydrocarbons to ignite. It […]

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