MICROBEAST : Microbe / Enyzme based Hydrocarbon nullifier utilizing bioremediation

MicrobeastMicroBeastMicroBeast is an odorless, corrosive free ph level 7 bio-remediation surface cleaner designed to breakdown hydrocarbons. MicroBeast help to prevent slip-and-fall accidents which are 30% of all workplace accidents by removing the oily film and leaving surfaces dry and oil-free. MicroBeast significantly reduces the ability of flammable hydrocarbons to ignite. It also makes hydrocarbon based VOC’s on contact.

Technological Profile

Bio-remediation is the application of microbes and enzymes for the cleanup of hazardous hydrocarbons resulting in a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution. MicroBeast increases the surfaces area of the hydrocarbons while enzymes break down the contaminants into material that attracts microbes which consume hydrocarbons leaving only water and carbon dioxide as byproducts. Once the reaction is complete, the enzymes break free to another hydrocarbon source in order to repeat the reaction.


  • Eliminates 100% of disposal costs
  • Eliminates granular absorbents, socks, pads and caustic degreasers
  • Easily applied with mops, auto floor scrubbers and degreasing equipment
  • Excellent rinse ability, dries quickly and removes all oily, slick film leaving a non-slip surfaces
  • NSF approved A-1, A-4 Class; biodegradable with a ph level of 7
  • Safe to use on any water sewer drains whether or not the facilities are private or public municipal pre-treatment plants
  • Renders-flammable liquids such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel non-flammable
  • Non-toxic, non-pathogenic and is completely harmless to human, plant, animal and marine life
  • Compatible with oil/water separators, skimming units, evaporators, polymers and more


Mopping– Fill a container with a properly diluted product. Where ever the hydrocarbon spill has occurred apply and remove solution as necessary until surfaces area in clean

Auto Floor Scrubber– Fill a scrubber with a properly diluted product. Employ the double scrub , method, first pass scrub floor without squeegee remove/clean any hydrocarbons that have a built up in the scrubber

Degreasing– Fill a container with a properly diluted product. Apply product to area and allow to soak for 1.2 minutes prior to removal


Product Options
#OptionPriceSale PriceSales Tax
14 gallons$225.00
25 gallon pail$225.00
355 gallon drum$1,500.00
Shipping Rate: B
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