BacKrete : Eco- Friendly & Waterless Concrete Cleaner

Consumes Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel & Fuel Oil

BacKrete Eco-Friendly Power

What is it?

What is BacKrete Eco-Friendly Power? This is a great queston. It is a question that we are often asked.

BacKrete is a fine, highly absorbent powder which contains naturally occurring, non-genetically altered bacteria which cunsume Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Fuel Oil, Etc. The BacKrete powder is extremely absorbent.

When spread onto any Hydrocarbons Spill, the fine powder will carry the BacKrete bacteria into the pores of the contrete spill surface or soiled area where it will absorb and consume as a food source the hydrocarbon based soils.

The bacteria in BacKrete have been demonstrated to be very effective and efficient in the degradation of te diesel fuels spills.

The BacKrete bacteria will degrade all the major components of diesel fuel such as: benzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene, methylnaphthalene, anthracene, and C10 to C17 aliphatics.

The conclusion, BacKrete Eco- Friendly Powder is very effective on Diesel fuel and most other hydro-carbon based stains.


Apply BacKrete Powder

Apply BacKrete Powder



Brush BacKrete Into  Pores



Light BacKrete Application



* BacKrete is an Eco-Friendly and Waterless Concrete Cleaner which “Seed” your Concrete with Natural Living, Oil Eating, Bateria.

* BacKrete will consume Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Gasoline, Karosene, Jet Fuel, Fuel Oil and most Hydro-Carbon based Petroleum Stains.

* A small Amount of BacKrete Spread Thinly on a Weekly based over concrete will Eat the Oil Stain.

Coverage: An Automobile Drip Zone is 3ft. x 4ft.

* 256 Drip Zones Treated per 16lb. pail @ 2 ounces by volume

* 128 Drip Zones Treated per 16lb. pail @ 4 ounces by volume


1. Fill the 8oz. measuring cup in the pail with BacKrete.
2. Pour BacKrete in front of the Applicator Broom (Photo 1)
3. Push the powder into the concrete pores with the Broom
4. Spread the BacKrete powder over the Drip zone area (Photo 2)
5. Brush the BacKrete back& forth to give a light, clean area
6. Wire Brush any area that has a heavy build-up of dirt & oil
7. Results are a very light color on concrete cleaned (Photo 3)
8. Leave Powder to work: Do Not Vacuum Up or Wash Off
9. For best results, apply 2nd BacKrete application on 3rd day

 ***Available in 2 Lb shaker jug or 16 Lb pail***



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