Instantly neutralizes betadine and iodine-based stains

Dine-O-Mite is a highly effective, ready-to-use neutralizing solution designed to replace all solvent-based formulations in betadine removal application

Rapidly dissolves betadine from most fabrics, including carpets, uniforms, scrubs and all clothing.

Instantly removes stains from floors, tiles, countertops, tables, and more


Technology Profile

Dine-O-Mite not only removes betadine and iodine-based spills & stains, it neutralizes the solution. It chemically transforms the betadine and iodine-based products into water. Iodine-based products such as betadine are a halogen which is considered to be hazardous chemicals. Iodine is considered a poison & can be extremely toxic if used improperly. Dine-O-Mite safely and completely neutralizes the hazardous components in iodine-based products converting them into water.




Rapidly remove betadine and iodine-based stains from hard surfaces

Quickly removes betadine and iodine-based stains from fabrics & linens in laundry applications

Neutralizes betadine & iodine-based products into water

An aqueous solution with a free rinsing formula

Bio-based, all natural & biodegradable



Laundry: Use a pre-spray, applying Dine-O-Mite directly on a stained item. Launder normally

Carpet, Upholstery & Fabrics: Apply Dine-O-Mite directly on the stained area. Gently agitate wirth a clean cloth or brush. Blot wih a clean, white abosorbent cloth.

Countertops, Tiles & Floors: Apply Dine-O-Mite directly on the stained area. After stain is removed, blot with a clean white absorbent cloth & rinse with water


Available in :   quarts/ gallons/ pails


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