Cold Patch™

Cold Patch

This is a ready to use product, pre mixed, asphalt material that contains limestone aggregate and tenacious binding adhesive resulting in durable, permanent repairs.  Use to repair both asphalt and concrete driveways,  parking lots, access ramps, bridge decks, sidewalks, etc. Use it right from the pail. Simply shovel it into the damaged area and compress with a tamper. Tire traffic finishes the compaction.  In areas where only foot traffic is expected, sprinkle sand or portland cement (gray finish look) to prevent tracking indoors. Not to used as a resurfacer or for shallow depressions.  Do not seal for 60 days. The more traffic that runs over the cold patch the tougher it becomes.


  • Easy to use   no special tools
  • Permanent and Economical
  • Instant repair
  • Bonds permanently-even to wet surfaces.
  • No primer needed.
  • No heating or mixing.
  • Not affected by salt or calcium chloride.


Remove loose debris. Apply Material slightly higher than surface (in the middle of pothole) to allow for compaction. Compress with a hand tamp or roll over with a car or truck.

Store container indoors – 2 year shelf life.

5 Gallon Premixed ready to use durable permanent asphalt repair
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