Sure Step


Sure Step

Guaranteed traction on “any slippery surface” including

Hard packed snow and ice!

You cannot slip nor slide on SureStep!


SureStep is 100% environmentally safe and friendly. Sure Step contains NO hazardous   or harsh, chemicals.


SureStep gives instant positive, sure, and safe traction for walking or driving.


SureStep is non toxic, non carcinogenic, & non corrosive. It is harmless to humans, animals, plants, and all surfaces.

Traction for up to THREE DAYS!


SureStep goes down easy and stays put for up to three days. As the sun warms and melts the ice, SureStep floats at the surface. At night when the ice reforms SureStep is there assuring you a safe non slip surface! However, if the surface is at a steep angle and during warm temperatures there is a heavy flow of water some of the SureStep may wash away. In such instances you will need to reapply for safety. In freezing climates simply reapply as needed.


Surestep is packaged in two sizes, a small 6-mil heavy duty 0.4 cubic foot resealable, zip lock “Easy Tote” bag for convenience & storage, and a larger 1.60 cu. ft. heavy duty 6 mil bag for commercial or large area use.


SureStep is light weight, so it is easy to carry. Due to being a mineral the weights can vary.

The small bag will weigh from 5 to 8 lbs. The large bag will weigh from 15 to 18 lbs.

SureStep is so easy to use!!


  • Simply sprinkle SureStep over any hard packed snow or icy surface for instant sure and safe traction.
  • For instant traction when your vehicle is ice bound, pour a layer of SureStep behind the tire which pulls the vehicle. Back up on this layer, then pour a layer in the direction in which you wish to proceed. Apply to steep iced over driveways before trying to drive out.
  • When ice and snow melt away, sweep SureStep up and deposit onto your lawn or plants. It makes a great soil conditioner! When tilled into your soil SureStep Granules will keep the hardest clay loose and moist promoting longer, thicker, and healthier roots.
Sure Step Ice Melt
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