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Grease, oil, mop water and cleaning chemicals may be spilled on any given day around the restaurant. A spill kit is a collection of supplies used to clean up a spill or leak. Restaurant staff should use a spill kit to clean a spill quickly and safely before liquids reach the ( drains) storm drains, sewer drains and pollute local streams. MIRACLE SWEEP is 100% environmentally safe and friendly. It is NON-TOXIC AND NON-CARCINOGENIC.

MIRACLE SWEEP is non-selective, that is, it will absorb any known liquid or semi liquid on contact. It will encapsulate any liquid on contact, and will not re release in to the enviroment. So MIRACLE SWEEP MEETS LEACHATE STANDARDS EPA 1311-PAINT FILTRATION 9095, TITLE 40 OF THE CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS.

MIRACLE SWEEP can stop a spill on contact !!! Giving you plenty of time to clean up the spill…

MIRACLE SWEEP is USDA approved for use in and around food processing and restaurants.

MIRACLE SWEEP does not have to be disposed of professionally, it is safe to dispose of Miracle Sweep in a normal trash receptacle.

How do you use a spill kit?

  1. CONTROL: Find the source of the spill and stop it as quickly as possible. Often this can be done simply by faucet or closing a valve on a container to prevent further leakage.
  2. CONTAIN: Stop the spill from entering storm drains by blocking it’s path with sandbags, spill socks or piles of sand. Then spread absorbents over the top of the spill and allow time for the absorbents to work.
  3. CLEAN: Sweep up absorbents, bag them and place in trash. Liquids remaining on the ground should be removed with a wet vacuum or by mopping and then pouring water into the mop sink.

This Kit Includes:

5 Universal Absorbent Pads

Miracle Sweep

Dust Pan and Broom

1 Pair of Gloves

1 Liner for Disposal

Refill Restaurant Spill Kit
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